n00b Airline Virgin America pwnz Gamers’ Hearts

Posted March 14, 2008 by SmarterTravel.com

Virginredweb (If you have no earthly idea what the title of this post means, you probably aren't fluent in 1337, or Leetspeak, the language of online gamers.)

Anyone remember Delta Air Lines’ short-lived low-cost carrier Song and the joy of playing trivia games against other passengers?  Well, video game enthusiasts can rejoice as there’s a (semi) new kid on the block who may be able to fill the cavernous void in their nerdy hearts.  Nikole of GameGirl.com wants to declare Virgin America “the [un]official airline of gamers”.

It seems there’s something for everyone.  For example, the Oprah-watching stay-at-home mom might enjoy a nice game of Mahjong.1   The 20-something comic-book-reading virgin living in said mom’s basement might like the classic first-person shooter DOOM.2    And perhaps the hot sister of said virgin might want to try something more mentally stimulating, say a clone of Bejeweled.3

While Virgin gains popularity (they only had 2.7 percent of all pull-down airline searches on BookingBuddy in February), we suspect other airlines will follow suit.  We just can’t wait to see the chaos when someone ups the ante and puts the Nintendo Wii at the disposal of every passenger.  Hmm … maybe just first-class passengers.

[1] Okay, we don’t know that stay-at-home moms are gamers, but eMarketer indicated that Internet users who visit travel sites skew female and over 25.

[2] We also don’t know that virgins prefer flying on Virgin, but Occasional Superheroine Valerie D’Orazio reports that the average mainstream comic book reader is a 20-to-25-year-old video-game-playing single male with disposable income.   And while disposable income is a must in many cases for travel, we don’t know that comic book readers really live in their mothers’ basements.

[3] There’s also no evidence that the hypothetical virgin’s sister is hot, but Entertainment Software Association claims that 30 percent of all gamers are women age 18 or older.

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