Airport Styles of the Rich and Famous

Posted April 24, 2008 by Heather Gilbert

Victoriabeckhamgiambattistavallih_2 Ahh to be whisked through the airport by trained flying aces instead of standing on a 2.5 mile-long security line in my tennis socks holding a quart-sized bag crammed full of three -ounce bottles of lotion.  That would be heavenly.  Clearly readers know that I have delusions of grandeur when it comes to travel.  Stars of course get this treatment all the time, as was recently highlighted in The Wall Street Journal article.  Airline workers admit that there are "special service" staffers that escort VIPs through airports to waiting planes or limousines.  Heck, they even say that there are special rooms, some hidden behind unmarked doors adjacent to gates, reserved for said important travelers.  I like to imagine that accessing these special rooms is a lot like getting into secret rooms in old castles and such.  Perhaps Posh and Becks know to lean on just the right spot of grey wall paneling and voila!  The door is open!  Maybe Ms. Aniston simply picks up the red emergency phone that none of us mere mortals would be brave enough to touch and she is spun into a secret lair just next to the gate.  Who knows, and frankly, who among us will ever be able to find out?  Apparently two private firms, Airport Assistance Worldwide and LJR & Associates (adding to the mystery, they have no website!), offer these types of specialty whisking services for surprisingly reasonable prices.  Scrape up $100 or so and you can feel like a celebrity.  Without the paparazzi, of course.

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