Spitting Supermodel Naomi Campbell Banned by British Airways

Posted April 9, 2008 by Zak Patten


The Wall Street Journal recently suggested that airlines actively seek celebrity passengers because they bring the carriers cachet that ordinary schmoes like you and me are dazzled by. So for an international superstar to be banned by an airline, he or she would have to do something pretty bad.

Enter Naomi Campbell. The 38-year old supermodel (who may be demoted to simply "model" after her latest escapade) was arrested at London's Heathrow airport, where she was due to catch a British Airways flight to Los Angeles. When BA employees were unable to locate a missing bag of Miss Campell's, she allegedly "flew into a rage" and wound up spitting at one of the police officers who were trying to detain her. I guess if you're going to be spat at by someone, you could do worse than a supermodel, but saliva is saliva and laws are laws, so Campbell got dragged off by the cops.

Perhaps one isolated "babe behaving badly" incident might have been overlooked by British Airways, but the leggy Campbell has a history of violence:

  • Throwing a telephone at an assistant
  • Beating an assistant with a BlackBerry.
  • Assault on an Italian actress.
  • Another instance of battering an employee with a cell phone.

I'd say British Airways should be relieved to get out of the transporting-Naomi-Campbell business with no actual bloodshed.

(Photo: Virgin Media)

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