US Airways Trashes Snacks

Posted May 28, 2008 by Zak Patten

Snack_bag_2 My parents always told me not to fill up on junk food or I would ruin my appetite for dinner. That won't be such a problem the next time I fly US Airways, which according to the Philadelphia Business Journal, will be ending its snack service on June 1. We all know about the airlines' checked-bag fees and other cost-cutting measures by now, so it's not much of a shock to learn that the latest victim of high oil prices is a tiny, defenseless bag of pretzels.

Will we rise to the occasion and take on this new travel challenge? I hope so, and to aid in this noble endeavor, I'm proposing a number of solutions. They are as follows:

  • Load up on your pre-flight calories. You won't go hungry if you are so full you have to waddle through the security line. A pint of Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby ought to do the trick.
  • Make your trip a spiritual experience by fasting throughout the day. If you don't eat anything at all, you'll purify your body and mind while saving money. By the time you reach your destination, you'll be enlightened. Not to mention very, very hungry.
  • BYOS. Yep, bring your own snacks to the party. I recommend trail mix consisting of one part peanuts, one part raisins, and four parts M&Ms. Hey, it's gonna be a long flight.
  • Mooch. This is in many ways the easiest solution. You don't have to hit the store or some expensive airport eatery beforehand, so you'll save money there. And you won't need to carbo-load prior to takeoff or adopt monk-like discipline. Nope, just strike up a conversation with your neighbor and make a few friendly remarks about how delicious his/her food looks. If your fellow passenger doesn't take the hint, let a few drops of drool hit your armrest. They'll either run away or offer to share their goodies. Either way, you're getting something to eat.


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