More Wi-Fi for JetBlue Means More Work for Passengers

Posted June 4, 2008 by Zak Patten

Airplanewifi Back in the day, our work and home lives were clearly delineated, unless we lived on a farm. Or ran a funeral business. Or worked as a fortune teller. But you get the point! Anyway, as I was saying, back in the day, in a simpler era, you could board an airplane safe in the assumption that your place of business would soon be 30,000 feet below you. You'd be free to watch a bad movie, eat low-quality food, and attempt to sleep on a wallet-sized pillow. Those days are getting even hazier now, thanks to JetBlue.

Yep, JetBlue, which has won the hearts of travelers throughout this great land with DirecTV, XM Satellite Radio, and leather seats, has amped up its Wi-Fi services on specially outfitted A320 aircraft known as BetaBlue planes. Now, passengers will be able to use Microsoft Exchange email (you know, the work one), as well as Gmail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, and Windows Live Mail. This is all well and good for business travelers, but on my vacation? Maybe some biz travelers will be tempted to just have their meetings by plane and let someone else lease their office space.

I guess it should come as some relief that Yahoo! instant messenger and have signed up to be a part of JetBlue's new offerings. At least I'll be able to trade emoticons with fellow passengers without being required to actually make eye contact. And if I'm in a shopping mood, I can skip the SkyMall catalog's Mahogany Charging Station and Litter Robot to drool over the latest items on my Amazon wishlist. OK, technically this isn't recreation because I use these tools at work, but I'm not supposed to (Don't tell my boss).

So are you psyched for this new era of in-flight Wi-Fi, or would you prefer to leave the office in the office? Please comment below.

(Image: Wired)

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