United to add iPod/iPhone compatibility

Posted July 1, 2008 by Carl Unger

Ah, the iPod—that clever little media player that lets you listen to music and watch movies on a screen roughly the size of a Saltine. Where would we be today without these amazing little toys from Apple? And then there's the iPhone, which is a missile-launcher away from being a James Bond gadget (I hear it makes a great apple pie). These things have literally brought peace and sunshine to people's lives.


Well, that last sentence may be an exaggeration. But it is true that pretty much everyone in the universe has at least one form of Apple's ubiquitous toy, so it's no wonder the airlines are starting to notice. United recently announced it will be adding iPod compatibility to many of its planes, meaning customers will be able to charge their devices while aboard and watch their movies on 15.4-inch onboard screens.

What's the catch?  Unfortunately, these upgrades are reserved for the front of the plane only, meaning you'll have to shell out for a first- or business-class fare to enjoy the convenience.

Why is it that every time an airline announces a cool new feature, it's always for the high-rollers in upper class?  Personally, I'm thinking of lie-flat beds here, and reminiscing about a 10-hour flight from Greece during which I couldn't unbend my knees at all. (Of course, people in first or business either pay a ton of money for their seats, or they exchange a truckload of frequent flyer miles, so theoretically they should receive a superior product. But let's ignore that for now.) Just once, I would like an airline to unveil something completely awesome, like onboard arcade games or onboard hot tubs, and have that feature available to everyone on the plane.

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United Airlines sucks. It held a plan full of passengers 4 hrs on the tarmac late at night in London's Heathrow, then began to serve dinner to the Economy class, shutting the particion bebetween First and Business classes, and disembarking them, and bussing them to hotels, while the rest of us were deplaned and kept in the arrivals area for 24 hours until the next shceduled flight, and stated publically to the rest of us that the Customs and Immigration had closed and we could not leave the airport. Next day I went to the two agenciesat the airport, who not only denied this, but said that they would be breaking the British laws to show favoritism among passengers. United wanted to save the cost of transport, hotel and meals to the economy class. UA sucks

Posted on November 10, 2009 at 05:55 PM by Carl

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