Frequent Flyer Fee Chart: Rewards Are Gonna Cost You

Posted July 10, 2008 by Nicki Krawczyk

Bagelapproved_2Or, the People That Put the “Free” in “Frequent Flyer” Are Taking It Back Out Again

I have a card I got at my local bagel place. Along the bottom are pictures of 10 sumptuous bakery items. When I purchase a bagel at this establishment, I hand them my dollar and this card. In return, they hand me my bagel of choice and punch a hole at the bottom of this card to signify that I have purchased said bagel.

Someday, when I have purchased 10 bagels and have the requisite holes punched to prove it, they will reward me with a free bagel. For our purposes, it’s important to note that when they give me my free bagel reward, they won’t charge me a $25 in-person fee for processing my rewards redemption request and then handing it to me. Guess who will? Just guess.

As I think we’ve all learned from the airline industry, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. (Though I’m happy to tell you where to get free bagels.) All those frequent flyer miles you’ve been racking up aren’t actually going to equate to a free flight, per se. Closer to free? Sure. But depending on the airline and depending on how you book that flight, you’ll probably have some fees to pay.

Lucky for you and, well, all air travelers, the good people over at our sister site have put together an uber-convenient chart of the fees frequent flyer mile-redeemers can expect to pay. Need to book by phone? Fee. Want confirmed same-day standby tickets? Fee. Need to know how much you’ll pay? No fee—it’s on the chart. (Just keeping you on your toes.) I think you'll be pleased to see, though not surprised, that Southwest Airlines appears to have the fewest fees. Small victories, you know?

Don’t forget, too, that we’ve also recently introduced you to the super-duper-helpful Ultimate Guide to Airline Fees. Got a question about how much extra you’re going to shell out? We’ve got answers. Lots of answers. Therefore, I’d like to now also introduce you to the Ultimate Guide To Fees I’m Levying For Introducing You to Ultimate Guides. For each guide I have and will ever introduce to you, you’ll be charged a modest fee of $49.99. Personal checks are not accepted, but please take advantage of our PayPal link. Even better, once I’ve presented (and charged you for) 15 new fees charges—guess what? Your 16th is free.

No need to thank me, it’s just good customer service.


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