Low-Cost JetBlue Goes Gourmet at New JFK Terminal

Posted July 30, 2008 by Carl Unger

Now, I'm not saying JetBlue's onboard snacks are bad—in fact, I'm a big fan of those blue chips—but let's face it: Snacks are snacks, and one could hardly confuse the carrier's in-flight offerings with a four-star meal.

Salmon_skin_makiThat won't be the case with JetBlue's new Terminal  5 at  JFK. According to the New York Times, JetBlue is bringing in some serious cuisine, asking big-time New York City chefs (I've never heard of them, but here's a hint:  Emeril isn't one) to create upscale menus for its customers. In fact, part of the rationale behind this decision (as opposed to more common grab-and-go airport dining) is that people are spending more time at the airport these days, due both to increased security and frequent delays.

So what's on offer? How about rustic Italian comfort food, sushi, tapas, steaks, and fare from a French pastry shop and café? Most of the seating will be casual, so travelers who prefer to fly in comfy clothes (yours truly) as opposed to formal wear shouldn't feel underdressed. No word yet on what kind of prices these restaurants will charge, but JetBlue is also planning a more conventional food hall with hamburgers, pizza, and other quick bites.

Will gourmet be a hit with the low-cost crowd? We'll see.  It's asking a lot for air travelers to plunk down big bucks for a meal at the airport, especially when there's cheap pizza (or those blue chips) to be had. But as most passengers expect nothing but frustration these days, a plate of good food, no matter the cost, may be worth it to soothe the road-weary traveler's soul.

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When you're flying, it's time that can't otherwise be productive. Why not enjoy a good meal? It doesn't matter if you eat it at the airport or take it on the plane.

When I fly, I pack a picnic and enjoy some really good food. It something I may not have time to savor any other time.

Posted on July 30, 2008 at 05:36 PM by mikehillwig

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