Tune Out the Noise With Delta's New In-Flight Audio

Posted July 2, 2008 by Zak Patten

Airfareheadsetwoman On your next Delta Air Lines flight, you could listen to the throbbing roar of 120-decibel jet engines. You might endure Mildred, sitting three rows back, who has a hearing aid and won't stop bleating about her favorite tuna casserole recipe. Or … you could tune into one of Delta's 30 new audio stations.

The Atlanta-based airline is upgrading its entertainment offerings with "a new line-up of 16 broadcast and 14 audio-on-demand channels." No details on what those channels will be playing, but they should make 3,500 songs available —enough to fill up a decent-sized iPod and certain to get you through a coast-to-coast flight. In addition to the tuneage, there'll be interviews with musicians and DJs. One other really cool feature is that passengers will be able to access the new system during boarding and disembarking. So while you're jamming to the latest from the Jonas Brothers, your seatmate may actually be trying to leave the aircraft. Expect a poke in the ribs, at least.

Delta, which worked with Pace Communications and DMI Music & Networks to bring to market what looks to be a solid addition to the airline's flight experience, is effusive in its praise for the new audio. According to Jake Frank, Managing Director of Global Product Development and Delivery at Delta, "The addition of DMI Networks' programming is a great complement to our current entertainment offerings and will provide our passengers with even more music programming choices than ever before." To which I say, "Bring it on!"

Are you eagerly anticipating some new sounds in the cabin, or will you miss the engine noise/recipe rundown of days gone by? Please comment below.

(Photo: Dragan Trifunovic/iStockphoto.com)

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