Southwest's New Ads Amuse, Terrify

Posted September 9, 2008 by Carl Unger

Southwest released a pair of new ads recently, each of them touting the airline's "fees-don't-fly-with-us," mantra. In one, a road-weary Southwest customer is surrounded by travelers singing halleluiah hallelujah as he is told Southwest won't charge him for his checked baggage. Watch:

In the second ad, a man at a competing airline's counter is quoted a low price for his flight. This makes him happy. "Wow, that's not bad!" he says. Then the desk agent turns around, revealing a scary, demonic-looking face on the back of her head. The face begins demanding bag fees and booking fees before saying "just gimme the whole wallet." Note the voice effects:

All I can say is, wow. Did Southwest just turn the debate about airline fees into a Biblical stand-off between good and evil, or did the airline merely send its marketing staff to the Exorcist School of Advertising? Either way, that lady creeps me out, and I decided to find out what other people thought. Here's what I uncovered:

Clearly I'm not alone.

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