The Second Most Important Vote

Posted October 16, 2008 by Nicki Krawczyk

Listen, we all know what your number-one-most-important voting activity should be. (You've noticed those two guys on TV who keep messing up your viewing of The Office? Pick one of them to lead your nation.) But it’s the second-most-important voting activity that some people seem to be missing out on.

Last month, my esteemed colleague reported on this blog that our sister site, TripAdvisor, is planning to donate $1 million to one of five worthy charities, as chosen by a vote from the community at large.

Super; many of you have already voted. But … many of you have not. And many of your friends and family haven’t voted either. Here’s the thing, I’m not going to try to guilt you into taking 30 seconds and clicking a button to send a million bucks to help sick children or animals on the brink of extinction (Oops! Sorry, guilt is a reflex.), but I will make one little point: This is eeeeeeasy philanthropy. I know that you felt bad every time you nodded your head, mumbled, and shuffled past the fresh-faced youngsters collecting money for their candidate of choice. No worries, the 20 bucks you would have tossed in the coffer for your favorite politico ain’t nothing compared to the one million big ones you could be helping to give away.

So, vote. Vote now in this handy dandy little widget. Then, tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell your coworkers. Tell that certain someone you’ve had your eye on and he/she will be impressed and attracted by your selflessness. Possibly. But it’s worth a shot, right?

Just vote.

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