Spirit Airlines Gets Punny As Election Closes

Posted November 4, 2008 by Carl Unger

Vote_3 Well folks, we made it: It's election day. A year (two years, really) of mudslinging, name-calling, mavericky-ness, "change," hockey moms, ACORN, Bill Ayers, and $150,000 wardrobes is finally coming to an end. With all we've seen and heard during this long and arduous campaign, you'd think the candidates and their surrogates couldn't have left anything out. But they did. And fortunately for us, we have Spirit Airlines to pick up the slack.

So what, pray tell, could Spirit offer that neither Barack Obama nor John McCain, Joe Biden nor Sarah Palin could provide? Puns. Lots and lots of horrible puns. Read:

"Spirit, a Maverick in airline sales, brings you Ochobama! He's built his platform around bringing you low fares, from only $8* each way for $9 Fare Club** members. We're also offering many more great fares for everyone. We've been Biden our time to bring you this sale. Check out the low fares and save big today! All other sales Palin comparison. But hurry, the polls close on the best fares on November 4, 2008 at 11:59 PM ET! All fares are based on roundtrip purchase and taxes, fees & restrictions apply."

This comes from the airline's "Ochobama" sale, which features fares starting at $8 one-way (hence the "ocho," get it?). Now, if you're not familiar with Spirit's advertising schemes, you should know the airline tends to make up characters to represent its sale, and writes a blurb that is somehow thematically linked to its character. In this case, the ad came with a number eight adorned with a set of large, Obama-esque ears and a red tie.

Sometimes Spirit's ads are just plain silly and corny and sometimes they're downright offensive. This one obviously falls in the corny category. My guess here is that Spirit's ad folks, like the rest of us, are borderline delirious after months upon months of intense campaign coverage.

(Photo: www.kvlc.talstar.com)

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