Top 10 News Stories (Okay, Blog Posts) of 2008

Posted December 31, 2008 by Nicki Krawczyk

Newyearsclock Gather ‘round, ye friends and neighbors, as 2008 draws to a hasty close. We shall now take a moment to reflect upon the departing annum and remember what was most important to us all throughout the year. Obviously, I’m talking about BookingBuddy Blog posts.

Here at the BookingBuddy offices, we’ve filled our cups of wassail, nog, and grog and toasted together in glad tidings as we perused our posts for the year. Read on, goodly reader, and enjoy our Top 10 Countdown of the Best Posts of 2008.

10. In a mere 20 days, we’ll get a new president. So, ask not what you can do for your president, but what your president can do for air travel. We had a few ideas.

9. Good news for some, bad news for skeevy old men? Nanoseconds after airlines announce they’ll be offering Wi-Fi, they also announce that they’ll be blocking porn.

8. High-speed trains could move at the speed of light! Okay, not really&elips;but only slightly slower: Potentially 300 miles per hour. Frickin’ awesome.

7. A new age for crime dawns when a couple steals 5,000 airplane tickets. The kicker? She worked for Southwest, he was a bailiff at the Bexar County Justice Center, and his coworkers were customers. Classy.

6. What’s better than being strapped into a seat for two-and-a-half hours? Being strapped in there and getting all jacked up on energy drinks. This dubious plan comes courtesy of Southwest, whose new slogan may be "We crave overstimulated passengers."

5. This was not a big year for refinement and class, especially in the airline advertising category. Remember Spirit’s "We’re Having a Threesome" Sale?

4. When journalists go undercover as flight attendants, it’s like 21 Jump Street for the airline industry with all the excitement and agony of a prime-time drama. Tune in.

3. It may be the final frontier, but that’s not stopping Sir Richard Branson. The gazillionaire makes plans to launch you (or a richer version of you) into space with Virgin Galactic space tourism.

2. The lips that launched a thousand [air]ships. Delta makes safety videos strangely steamy with a pair of luscious lips and a rather naughty finger wave.

1. You read it, you marveled at it, you puzzled over it, and you sent it to friends but not necessarily to your parents. That’s right all, I’m talking about the absolute, A-Number-One, Best Travel Story and Trend of 2008: Nakations.

Happy New Year from all of us at BookingBuddy. May 2009 bring plenty of travel lunacy and mayhem for us all to enjoy.


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