Free Online Video Games Let You Be the Hero

Posted February 3, 2009 by Carl Unger

Goose-AngusWilson-OceanWandIn the weeks since pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, co-pilot Jeffrey Skiles, and the entire crew of US Airways Flight 1549 completed their successful and heroic splash landing in the Hudson River, the media has struggled to talk about anything but. The entire crew was honored before the Super Bowl and Sullenberger, especially, has been everywhere, enjoying his much-deserved fame and glory.

Well, now you, too, can be a hero like Mr. Sullenberger and the rest of Flight 1549's crew, though fame and glory will not likely be yours. Two free online video games based on Flight 1549 have popped up, and each allows you to splash land a crippled plane into a body of water. In one game, Hero on the Hudson, your job is to stabilize a wobbly plane as it descends into the icy New York river. The other, Double Bird Strike, requires you to steer clear of geese as long as possible, and then land the plane safely if necessary.

Both games have proven to be extremely popular, with over 1.5 million plays of Hero on the Hudson and some 147,000 attempts at Double Bird Strike. Still, the games come loaded with controversy, as one would probably expect. After all, this was close to being a horrific crash, and the fact that not one passenger perished still boggles the mind. Hardly seems like ideal video game material, does it?

At the same time, however, the games do stand as form of recognition of the crew's flawless emergency landing, and perhaps it's exactly because no one died that these games can exist. Either way, they're out there if you're interested. Double Bird Strike is by far the more difficult of the two, in my opinion. And whether you play the game or not, I'd love to hear what you have to say about this topic, so leave a comment below. Good luck!

(Photo: Angus Wilson/Ocean Wanderers)

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Reader Comments

Games about a plane crash? I cry fowl (pun intended). Let's just hope they don't feel that other planes crashes are fair game as well. The ValuJet crash comes to mind, though instead of dodging geese you'll be trying to escape alligators.

Posted on February 06, 2009 at 02:36 PM by Ed

Perhaps we should focus our energy on the hero, his characteristics, and the decisions made that actually gave this story a happy ending! I love video games... but this event wasn't much of a game.

Posted on February 06, 2009 at 04:25 PM by SeaSaltyDog

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