The Newest Member of the Wi-Fi in the Sky Bandwagon!

Posted February 13, 2009 by Katie Blais

Southwest First Southwest tags that unflattering picture of you and now they are getting even more tech savvy on us by starting a test of the “information superskyway” (I cannot take credit for that little gem—it came straight from their press release).

Southwest has paired with Row 44 to equip one lucky aircraft with Wi-Fi access. But wait, there's even more—they are also partnering with our friends at Yahoo! to bring passengers local news and information as well as a one-of-a-kind flight tracker. Forget about that little plane moving over a map, so 2008 … this super tracker allows passengers to not only follow the flight path but also view “fly over” points of view complete with images from Flickr. It’s like a guided tour from 30,000 feet!

Southwest certainly isn’t the first airline to provide Wi-Fi to passengers. United launched their In-Flight Internet back in January and American was way ahead of the curve launching their own version of Wi-Fi back in June. Both of their offerings will cost you though, with prices ranging from $9 to $12. There is no mention yet whether Southwest’s will be free or not, but here's hoping they will keep up their “fees don’t fly” policy and give passengers access to the Internets for free.

One rule of thumb when perusing the World Wide Web on the friendly skies—paid or free—please save your unsavory site viewing to the privacy of your own home. Happy Flying!

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why do you put a model on your airplane and than you won't let a woman with a mini skirt board your airplane? I would rather see julie chen on the airplane.

Posted on February 13, 2009 at 01:05 PM by j miller

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