TripAdvisor’s New Flight Search Tool Soars

Posted February 27, 2009 by Nicki Krawczyk

TripAdvisorFlightSearch As a girl with aspirations of supreme leisure and work-lessness, I’m always pleased to come across something that promises to make my life easier. And then, of course, I’m happy to share it with you. I’m a giver.

Today’s addition to our makes-life-easier list is a big one (though I’ll keep it brief in accordance with All Things Friday): TripAdvisor, one of our sister sites, has just launched a new flight search section and—completely unbiasedly—it’s pretty cool.

From a high level, here are a couple of key details that set it apart and, I fully expect, will make my life much easier:

  • A fees estimator to help you figure out how much extra cash you may have to lay out per flight
  • It searches and displays fares from Expedia and Hotwire, which you won’t find on competitors' sites
  • An option to add in your frequent flyer information to see what kind of benefits it will nab for you
  • Real-time seat-availability charts with the skinny from another of our sister sites, SeatGuru
  • Alerts when first-class and business-class seats aren’t too much more expensive than economy (Yay! Love those swanky seats)
  • Info boxes about airlines, detailing some of each one’s specific benefits

And, despite all of this, it’s still a pretty easy tool to use. (In my book, that’s an awfully good thing.) I haven’t followed it through to completely book a flight yet, but I think I’ll use it next time I do. Anyone out there used it to book yet? Leave and comment below and let me know how it strikes you.

(Photo: iStockphoto/Remus Eserblom)

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