US Airways Says 'Just Kidding' on Drink Fees

Posted February 27, 2009 by Katie Blais


When I fly I become a creature of habit—iPod charged, gossip magazine bought, comfy shoes on, wrapped in my shawl (it’s a sweater/shawl and the best purchase ever), but my biggest in-flight attachment is that I need tomato juice.  I know that sodium-packed little can probably causes more harm than good during a flight, but there is something so satisfying to me about sitting here sucking down my plastic cup of tomato juice, or Bloody Mary mix as sometimes the case may be, and eating a teeny tiny bag of pretzels. Now, I haven't flown on US Airways in quite awhile so I didn't even know they had instituted such a fee, but this week they decided it was best not to continue with $1 coffee and tea and $2 water and soft drinks, which is good news to this traveler because what I like best about my tomato juice and pretzel snack is that it doesn’t cost me an extra cent!

With carriers instituting tons of airline fees these days to generate extra revenue, US Airways rolled out their “beverage purchase program,” much to the chagrin of parched passengers. Upon further consideration (and most likely a lot of angry letters), the airline decided it didn’t pay off and discontinued the program.

So … stock up on soda, tea, and tomato juice on your next flight. Don't try to put them in your carry-on though ... you might get charged for that extra weight!

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Reader Comments

a sweater/shawl? that sounds suspiciously like a Snuggie!

Posted on February 27, 2009 at 05:27 PM by AMB

OH ... they should add "airplane rides" to good uses for snuggies!

Posted on February 28, 2009 at 10:32 AM by katie

Somehow I think that they will revert back to charging $2 for soft drinks.

Posted on March 01, 2009 at 01:27 AM by Michael

I think a free drink here and there is good, because the air fare and luggage fare is fare enough. I stuff a weeks clothing into a bag so i don't have to go the the baggage area. That is the worst part of the trip. Its nice to be offered a small drink and bag of chips, it makes the trip enjoyable. I could do what this woman did once, she had bread, lunch meat and drinks for her and her children that way everyone could have a airplane lunch.

Posted on March 05, 2009 at 05:40 AM by sam

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