It’s in the Bag

Posted March 20, 2009 by Katie Blais

Baggageclaim A consumer bureau in The U.K. has given us another reason to not check our bags. Besides those pesky checked-bag fees, it has been reported that carriers lost some 40 million bags back in 2007, with a projected annual total of 70 million by 2019 … EEK!  I have been lucky enough to never lose a bag during a flight—quick, I need some wood to knock on—but I always wait with baited breath at the baggage claim every time I fly.  So what to do when your underwear is in Denver and you are in Dusseldorf, or even worse, some jerk walks off with your bag

Unfortunately, since airlines have different rules for what constitutes a missing bag versus a lost bag, it can take anywhere from a week to even a month for a resolution and then there is a lot of rigmarole as to what you can actually claim. The amount varies depending on whether you are on a domestic or international flight, what airline you were flying with etc, etc. Once you and the airline have come to terms with an amount, you can wait months to actually get paid out … fun times!

So besides jumping on top of your bag and riding it through the turnstile until it gets loaded, what can you do to make sure your bag arrives at the gate with you?  A few tips are to always:

  • label your bag with your home address
  • pay close attention when you check in that the correct tags are put on your bag
  • have something on your bag that makes it stand out (I feel less foolish about having a flowered suitcase now) in a sea of black Samsonites
  • keep your valuables (both monetary and sentimental) with you in your carry-on.

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