Recession-Friendly Travel

Posted March 27, 2009 by Katie Blais

Recession-hitting-usa_formatted Ah, the recession. No matter who you are or where you live, there seem to be reminders of it everywhere! My 401K statement is scary, magazines are thinner, the usual hot spots around town are strangely quieter, businesses are closing, and each week I seem to hear about someone else getting laid off … no fun at all.   But these rather gloomy times also seem to bring out ingenuity in folks. I mean we still need to have fun even if everyone is broke, right? For example, house parties and dinners are cheaper than going out and there is never a line or a cover to get in. I got invited to a clothing swap the other month, and biking to work is cheaper, better for the environment, and makes your gams look amazing. 

There are some ingenious people in the travel industry, too … especially owners of "micro-hotels." Such properties, which feature tiny rooms, have been in Europe for years, which instantly ups their “cool factor”  … if you can deal with a lot less space, and by sharing a bathroom with strangers you can save a bundle on your travel expenses. The Jane Hotel, in New York City, has all of the luxury of a regular Manhattan hotel and is located in Greenwich Village, but has rates going for less than $100 per night. How so you ask? Even though it features LCD TVs, 350-thread-count sheets, and free wireless Internet, it’s all contained in a room about the same size as a ship's cabin. Originally built in 1908 as a housing option for sailors who were passing through the Big Apple, the 50-square-foot cabins at one time even housed the surviving crew members of The Titanic!  

The Jane might not be the best option for claustrophobic travelers, but in these times when everyone is tightening their purse strings it’s a recession friendly but still pretty hip traveling option. After all, everyone might be broke, but we can still be cool!


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