Sweet Dreams Fulfilled in Amsterdam

Posted March 9, 2009 by Kate Hamman

Chocolate3-DEF Take in the sights and smells of Amsterdam's sweeter side with a dynamic chocolate shop and an array of pancake flavors. And the sugary goodness continues as the scent of cakes and confections lulls you to sleep.

Puccini Bomboni: Charlie would abandon the Chocolate Factory without a second thought for Puccini Bomboni's inventive chocolates. Think tamarind, thyme, ginger, and fig. Everything is handmade on the spot, and people claim to be drawn in off the street by the scent of melted cocoa and spices. Browse the unique pyramid-style display of chocolates, and sample the liqueur-filled and herb-flavored treats.

The Pancake Bakery: When the griddle gets hot, the Pancake Bakery gets hopping, with more than 75 different kinds of pannekoeken (a combination crepe and an American pancake), including international flavors such as Greenlandic, Egyptian, and French. For the more traditional Dutch-style taste, you can pick from a range of sweet and savory toppings such as apple and Grand Marnier, bacon and cheese, and raisins in brandy.

Cake Under My Pillow: Whoever coined the term "sweet dreams" must've stayed at the Cake Under My Pillow. Here, the scent of cakes, pies, and confections literally drifts through your window each morning, as there's a bakery and cafe beneath the B&B. You will find free coffee and tea service in the upstairs kitchen throughout your stay.

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(Photo: Sebastian Duda/iStockphoto.com)

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