Crumpets and Flying Fish in Pike Place Market

Posted May 21, 2009 by Kate Hamman

WA-Seattle-FreshFishSign In a city known for its gloomy weather, you'll also find an intense passion for life exemplified by the bounty of local produce at Seattle's Pike Place Market. It's amazing how this place that began with an argument over the price of onions has become one of Seattle's top attractions, thriving for nearly 100 years. And it's the only spot we know of where you can dart among flying fish, dote on a brass pig, and gain 20 pounds by inhaling the aromas alone.

The Crumpet Shop: The British may have invented the crumpet, but this little Pacific-Northwest shop at Pike Place Market has perfected it. Each day, crumpets—airy and crisp, still warm from the oven—are smothered in mounds of whatever you fancy, for only about $5. The ricotta cheese and gooseberry jam is a favorite, but some of the other savories like parmesan, tomato, and pesto can tug at your mid-afternoon heartstrings. Choose a nice cup of tea for dipping, and you'll be transported back to jolly old England while taking in the sea air of Seattle.

The Moore Hotel: Most people consider it good luck to find a downtown hotel for less than you'd spend on an airport hotel. It's not luck. It's about knowing where to look. Just two blocks from Pike Place Market, in Seattle's bustling downtown area, you'll find the Moore Hotel, which has shared the same building as the historical Moore Theatre since 1907. Be sure to take in a dance performance or a concert before hitting the sack. Rooms start at $59 (European style), and they are about as cozy as a convent, in the most charming way, of course.

Pike Place Fish Market: No, your nonfat mocha Frappucino wasn't spiked; you really did just see a salmon soar through the air and land lovingly in the arms of a shouting man wearing an orange jumpsuit. This daily routine has become quite a spectacle at the Market, where these well-trained fishmongers rarely miss a beat. The entertaining show doesn't cost a thing, plus you can snack on samples of salmon jerky while you watch.

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