Sky-High Weddings? Airline Seeks Unconventional Revenue

Posted May 7, 2009 by Nicki Krawczyk

Airplane-Wedding-Cake-Topper-718332 In today’s economy, we’re all trying to be a little extra creative about saving and making money. Some of us are canceling cable. Some of us are taking second jobs. Some of us are building tanks for jellyfish.

If you’re an airline, of course, things are no different. You’re still looking to cut corners and bring in cash to make up for deficits—your deficits just tend to be closer to the million-to-billion dollar range. So...yeah, you might have to get creative. Whereas offering discount flights may have cut the mustard in the past, you might have to step it up a bit now. Charging for luggage? Been there. Charging for meals? Done that. Charging one person for two seats? Puh-lease. Well, leave it to the British to think out of the box, if not out of the plane.

Budget UK airline, easyJet, has just announced its plan to hold in-flight weddingsas a way of generating a little extra cash. And, oh, it’s not just for those lucky couples who met by being sat side-by-side found love in the great blue yonder. easyJet suggests that perhaps couples might enjoy saving time and save money by just getting married on the way to their honeymoon destination. (Saving time on their wedding: Many a bride’s dream come true.)

Of course, before easyJet can swing this new revenue-generator, they’ll have to change the law in the UK that states that wedding ceremonies can only legally be conducted in a permanent (non-moving) structure and be officiated by a minister of religion or registrar employed by a local council. Details, details.

It’s a little zany and I can’t say that I can picture printing “easyJet” on my wedding invitations, but I definitely applaud the thinking. Obviously, doing business the same old way isn’t helping the airline industry to turn a profit; putting them back in the black is going to require some risk-taking and more than a little creativity. But do I think it’s possible for them to muster the talents and come up with some winning ways to make money. Oh, I do. (Couldn’t resist.)


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