5 Captivating Ways to Explore Catalina

Posted June 18, 2009 by Nicki Krawczyk

Catalina Ah, lovely Santa Catalina Island. Just an eesy-weensy (and by “eensy-weensy”, I mean “hour”) ferry ride from the bustling berg that is Los Angeles, Catalina offers both rugged outdoor adventures and charming seaside towns.

While there are only two ways to reach this tiny island (air and sea), there are a multitude of ways to explore it. Cars are scarce and you could always walk or bicycle, but you’re on vacation—let loose a little and explore in a few more unconventional ways.

Segway: Faster than feet but goofier than scooters, Segways have been slow to win fans in normal, everyday life. On an island vacation, however, their high fun factor is ideal and these two-wheeled, self-balancing dynamos are a perfect way to get a leisurely look at the island while still covering some more-than-decent mileage.

Unimog: Besides being phenomenally fun to say, Unimog tours offer the pleasure of learning all about the island from tour directors as you venture up to an elevation of 1,300 feet in a canopied open-air vehicle. Even better, tour prices include lunch at the Airport in the Sky. Niiiice.

Glass Bottom Boat: Having trouble deciding between surf and turf? Get the best of both worlds with a glass bottom boat tour. Above the waves, you’ll enjoy the coastal view of this pretty island gem, but a quick glance at the glass beneath your feet will reveal the teeming sea life below. Feed the fish on one of the larger tour vessels, or get really up close and personal with a glass bottom kayak.

Submarine: So, this option won’t help you scout out a dinner spot for the evening, but it could certainly give you an idea of what might be on the plate. Book yourself a tour in a semi submersible craft to see the sea around Catalina and get a feel for how the fishies feel.

Parasailing: Some might classify this as a water activity, but I’m going to go with “air”. If land and water are both too tame for your wild nature, strap yourself to the back of a boat, give the driver the old “a-okay” and get yourself hoisted into the air for an adrenaline-pumping view of this lovely isle. And…I’d probably recommend a lesson or two first.

(Photo: www.virtualtourist.com)

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