Sedona's Outdoor Inspiration Leads You to Inner Peace

Posted June 15, 2009 by Jamie Moore

AZ-Sedona-Chapel-DEF Gorgeous sandstone colors vast swaths of the West, but Sedona's magnificent red-rock monoliths steal the show. You'll be so mesmerized by the scenery you won't want to go inside. So don't. Find inner peace on a red-rocks vortex tour. Browse boutiques under shady sycamores in an arts and crafts village. And dine on a Spanish-style patio, margarita in hand. You can easily skip around town on Sedona's free open-air RoadRunner trolley.

Sedona Vortex Tours: For centuries, artists, shamans, and spiritual sages have come to Sedona for inspiration. Some 20 energy centers, or vortexes, lie within a five- to 10-mile radius, a rare concentration not found anywhere else in the world. Channel the good vibes yourself on a vortex tour, where you can walk, meditate, and picnic on the red rocks. Guides will explain the mysteries of medicine wheels, power points, and ley lines on a three-hour tour. Rates run $89 per person to be part of a group tour.

Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village: Walking through Tlaquepaque (Tla-keh-pah-keh) you'd swear you were in Mexico. This legendary Sedona shopping destination, actually built in the 1970s, was authentically fashioned after a traditional Mexican village. Vine-covered stucco walls, tall sycamores, and cobblestone walkways make you think this place has been here for centuries. Save time to savor the lush surroundings between stops at galleries and boutiques.

El Rincon: Ask any local for a restaurant recommendation, and chances are you'll get El Rincon. This festive landmark, with Spanish-style furnishings and arched doorways, doesn't disappoint. The menu combines Mexican, Southwestern, and Native American influences, and the bar serves up a killer $6.50 "Margarita Magnifica" that's hailed by locals and visitors alike. Order a hand-rolled chimichanga, Navajo pizza, or other house specialty ($9 to $15) and dine outside on the patio that looks onto the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village.

To search for flights and compare prices to Flagstaff, which is home to Sedona’s nearest major airport, please use our price-comparison tool.

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