Get Your Feet Wet at Niagara Falls

Posted July 27, 2009 by Jamie Moore

NewYork-NiagaraFalls-16034 There's a reason Niagara Falls is one of the most spectacular natural sights in the world: Approximately 150,000 cubic feet of water per second rush over the edge and drop 170 feet to the rocks below. And that's just on the American side of the falls. Explore this natural wonder for less, taking an in-depth tour of the falls, staying at an English-style inn, and indulging in the local gourmet fast food.

Cave of the Winds: Rain slickers are included in the admission fee of this "must-do" Niagara Falls tour, and on the "hurricane deck" you'll understand why. Start with a 175-foot descent into the Niagara gorge and a careful ramble along a series of wooden walkways. When you finally reach the hurricane deck, you'll be standing a refreshing 20 feet from the falls. Rainbows dance in the mist and winds sometimes reach tropical storm conditions of up to 68 mph. The experience ($11 per person) can be, literally, breathtaking.

The Red Coach Inn: Since 1923, guests have been staying at this Tudor-style inn, which draws visitors with its spectacular view over the Niagara River rapids. The falls are only 1,500 feet away, and across the street are popular tours like Cave of the Winds. If your feet get a bit wet during your excursions, dry them by the inn's wood fire in winter or on the sun-drenched patio in summer. Or treat yourself to a fine dining experience accompanied by vintage wine at the inn's restaurant. Rooms start at $99.

Misty Dog Grille: Gain a whole new appreciation for the humble hot dog at this popular Niagara eatery. The Misty Dog Grille serves up 25 varieties of gourmet-style frankfurters. Order one smothered in smoky Texas sauce topped with hot peppers and cheddar, or go mild with the cheese and bacon dog. The taste adventure doesn't stop there. Try fried macaroni and cheese or deep-fried pickles. For the less daring, there's familiar fare like sweet potato fries and cooked-to-perfection burgers. 

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(Photo: D. Falconer/PhotoLink)

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