When in Yosemite …

Posted July 28, 2009 by Katie Blais

When I think of Yosemite, well actually, first I think of the brash Looney Tunes cartoon character. But then  I think of camping, outdoor expeditions, roughing it, and now, book writing courses and lounge singers too. Here's a quick glimpse into some of the more educational and offbeat offerings in Yosemite.

For all of you hoping to be the next J.K Rowling, why not get inspiration while soaking up the beautiful scenery of the famous Californian valley.  Yosemite offers children’s book writing courses as well as courses for moonlight photography, acorn basketry, and lots more!

Remember that Brady Bunch episode when the whole Brady clan take a mule ride down the Grand Canyon, after escaping from a jail cell by using their socks? Well, you're on your own for the socks, but Yosemite also offers mule rides with breathtaking views of the Yosemite landscape. Just make sure to not get a nasty Mule like Alice did.

In addition to mules, and storybook writing, the park offers different programs to keep your trip to the park interesting.  Wander up to the Wawona Resort to listen to Tom Bopp belt out some vintage tunes on his piano (I hope he takes requests), or  scare yourself silly telling stories around a campfire with other park guests, then try to get a goodnight sleep in your tent in the woods!

So whether you want to ride a mule, write a story, or sing some Kumbaya around a campfire, Yosemite has got you covered.

(Photo: NPS.org)

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