Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Posted August 7, 2009 by Katie Blais

Paparazzi compete_formatted I’ll admit it: I am a celebrity gossip junkie.  I sometimes (OK, always) care more about what the cast of Gossip Girl is wearing rather than the dismal economy or foreign policy changes.  When my brother lived in New York City, I was on total star lookout whenever I visited, scanning the streets of Soho and the West Village for glimpses of the rich and famous. My brother would roll his eyes at me when I screamed with glee when I saw such minor celebs as "jazz man" from Sex and the City walking down Hudson St.

Thankfully there are others who, unlike my brother, share my passion for everything Hollywood.  For example, gives hotel reviews, but with a twist.  Head to their celebrity hotel section to see where the stars sleep while in The Big Apple.  While other travelers might care about budget, amenities and proximity to major landmarks, celeb watchers can choose their hotel by seeing if Katie and Tom might rest their heads on the same pillows.  Some hot spots include the Bowery Hotel, where you might run into Sarah Silverman in the elevator, and the Soho Grand Hotel, where you can make a move on George Clooney, who reportedly parties in the lounge when he is in Manhattan.  

Now, I draw the line at hiding in bushes, looking through their trash, or asking if you can eat the rest of their meal, but why not have some fun searching for celebs on your next trip?!


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"Now, I draw the line at hiding in bushes, looking through their trash, or asking if you can eat the rest of their meal..."

Suuuuuuure you do.

Posted on August 07, 2009 at 10:21 AM by Vilnius Arbil Minsk

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