Is Virgin America's New In-Flight Feature Cool or Creepy?

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Do you have trouble meeting dates? Maybe the problem is that you're approaching potential significant others at places where they can easily flee if they aren't interested in reciprocating your advances. Luckily, Virgin America has a solution for you! The airline has introduced a Seat-to-Seat Delivery service, allowing flyers to send a drink, meal, or snack to another passenger on flights. Virgin founder Richard Branson (who would probably send bottles of champagne to attractive strangers, were he ever to fly with the general public), encourages treat-senders to follow up their gifts with a "chat" (using the Virgin America in-flight online chat feature). Or, just pick someone in an aisle seat, and walk down to hover awkwardly over them, dropping your cheesiest pick-up lines for everyone in the surrounding rows to laugh at you!

Most flyers dread getting stuck next to a chatty seatmate on a long-haul flight, but that's usually easily solved by putting in your headphones or pretending to sleep. Now imagine being stuck next to that same seatmate, except the seatmate is sending you free booze, hoping to loosen you up a bit. It's like being trapped inside a flying meat-market bar!

We can also imagine the passive-aggressive orders you could make with this system—hate being stuck next to an obese flyer? Send him or her a salad if they order something unhealthy! Usually glare at people who bring crying babies on a plane? Send the child a whiskey for its bottle! Good times.

Intrigued? Like Virgin America on Facebook, and tell them how you'd "press your luck at 35,000 feet" for the chance to win flights and a stay at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

What do you think of the idea? Tell us in the comments!


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