Top Ways to Travel Like a True Jetsetter

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Travelers are by and large worldly people, but you wouldn't know it from looking around your average airport. Infuse the decidedly unglamorous world of transit with a dose of cosmopolitan cool with these tips for traveling like a true jetsetter. Best of all, you don't even need a first-class ticket to pull it off.



Skip the Security Line

Nothing says jetsetter like breezing through the airport. While it's still only available at a limited number of airports, CLEAR gives members exclusive entrance to a security screening that bypasses the long lines. According to the company, CLEARcard users consistently get through airport security in about five minutes, a full 64 percent faster than other passengers. The system relies on biometrics like fingerprints and iris scans and carries an annual fee of $179, with special corporate and family rates. The cost may be steep for the occasional vacationer, but it can be a great investment for frequent travelers who want to reliably get through the airport quickly. Frequent flyers who tend to travel on the same airline can also look into TSA PreCheck, which offers additional expedited security options.


Lounge at the Airport

Flying exclusively first or business class—a ticket that often comes with automatic lounge access—isn't an option for most. And splurging on an annual pass to an airline lounge generally isn't worth it unless you're spending a lot of time in airports. But with an airline-lounge day pass, $30 to $50 will score you a few hours of the good life. Comfortable chairs, complimentary drinks and snacks, and doting service hark back to a time when travel was to be enjoyed, not simply endured.


Always Look Refreshed

Seemingly against the odds, jetsetters manage to look refreshed even after epically long flights. Their secret? The right products at the right time. Step one is maintenance. If you're on a long flight, make sure to clean your face and bump up the moisturizer to combat the drying effects of cabin air. Then, either before landing or in the bathroom at your arrival airport, take a few minutes to refresh and touch up. La Fresh has wet wipes for facial cleansing, deodorizing, toothbrushing, and more. If you wear makeup, consider packing a little carry-on pouch with basics such as concealer, blush, and lipstick. Sephora has a variety of travel-sized products.


Carry in Style

Before you embark on your next jetsetting adventure, take a good hard look at the bag that will accompany you. Is it looking a bit worse for the wear? Have you been making excuses for it, insisting that the scuffs are badges of honor? A jetsetter knows when it's time to retire the old (honorably, of course) and usher in a new bag that packs both fashion and practicality. When you're in search of your next travel purse or man bag, keep an eye out for a vessel that's roomy enough for carry-on supplies, that can be dressed up or down, and that is elegant without being so flashy you become a target for petty thieves. Added bonus: bags that stylishly incorporate travel-friendly elements like slash-proof handles and sturdy zippers.


Dress the Part 

Have you noticed the unfortunate trend of people dressed for bed wandering airport concourses and airplane aisles? Jetsetting requires a certain degree of dignity, which is definitely cancelled out by the presence of sweatpants or jammies. Opt for loose-fitting clothing made with breathable fabrics, and you'll be able to look fabulous and not lose circulation in your legs mid-flight. It's a win-win.


Accessorize Wisely

To pull off the jetsetter look, you're going to need a few key accessories. A soft, abundant pashmina, worn casually about the neck, adds an upscale-bohemian touch to any outfit. Large sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the strong rays of distant lands, they also help you cultivate that complex look-at-me/don't-look-at-me effect, especially when you wear them inside.


Hire a Car

If you're already willing to pay for a taxi to or from the airport, you might want to upgrade to a private car. For (usually) not a whole lot more, you can skip the long cab line at the airport and be whisked away in style instead. If you want the full effect, find a car service that will meet you with a sign sporting your name and take over wrangling your luggage.


Go Upscale for Less

For jetsetters, it's as much about the destination as it is about the journey. Private-sale sites give aspiring jetsetters access to high-end properties in which they might not otherwise be able to indulge. SmarterTravel's appropriately named sister site Jetsetter offers exclusive deals at upscale hotels and resorts around the world. For instance, at press time, we found stays at the Constance Ephelia, a chic tropical resort in the Seychelles, on offer from $377 per night instead of the regular $624 per night.


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