Airline Fees: The Ultimate Guide

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Two dollars for a soda? Ten bucks for an aisle seat? If you're confused about airline fees, we can help.

With our Airline Fees: The Ultimate Guide, you'll find a one-stop reference chart for every major airline fee from every major domestic carrier.

Best of all, you can download the airline fees chart in PDF format at no charge. Because unlike the airlines, we don't make you pay for things that ought to be free.

Click on the image above for a free download of Airline Fees: The Ultimate Guide.

A Naturalist's Nirvana in Denali National Park

Posted March 26, 2010 by Jamie Moore

Denali Most private vehicles are banned from Denali National Park's six-million-acre wilderness. But don't let that stop you. Pull on your walking boots, grab a bike, take a bus, or go old-school on a traditional dog-mushing expedition, and see what happens when you leave your four-wheels behind. McKinley's Creekside Cafe feeds you the best Alaskan halibut you'll ever taste. Camp Denali's cozy cabins keep you warm. And Mother Nature supplies unlimited entertainment.

McKinley Creekside Cafe
: The views of Carlo Creek and the Alaska Mountain Range may distract you from the menu, but not for long. The gourmet portion sizes are colossal at this favorite cafe. Start with buttermilk pancakes and a side of reindeer sausage ($8.99) or grilled meatloaf, eggs, and homefries ($11.99). Return in the evening for the house specialty: deep-fried Alaskan halibut ($14.99). For dessert? A micro-brewed beer and a generous serving of Alaskan-crafted sunset.

Camp Denali
: This resort gives new meaning to the word "camp." It's one of the best lodging options hidden in Denali's vast wilderness. Cabins have wood stoves, homemade quilts, meticulously clean outhouses, and views of surrounding mountains. The food is so good that a souvenir cookbook features in-camp recipes. And the camp has exclusive "historic operator status" so guides can show you sites few hikers have seen before. Add in workshops, evening programs, and unlimited use of resort amenities and it's a true all-inclusive, Alaskan style. The uncommon experience starts at $505 per night.

Dog-Mushing Tours
: Mush your own dog team into the heart of Alaska's pristine wilderness. You'll see the true nature of the park by following excited huskies across frozen lakes, past moose, caribou, foxes, or wolves. Day trips start at $125. Make an overnight of it and your evening entertainment is a light show courtesy of the Aurora Borealis. If you're lucky, you'll fall asleep snug in a cabin or heated tent to a chorus of huskies and maybe a few harmonizing wolves. Mush!

You can use our tool to compare airfares to Anchorage or Fairbanks, the closest major airports, from multiple travel providers.

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Alaska Airlines Shares Codes With Fiji

Posted June 4, 2009 by Nicki Krawczyk

Fiji_suva_map I tried a gentle warning. Critics scoffed, even laughed. But things aren’t so funny now, are they? No, they’re certainly not—not now that Alaska is in cahoots with Fiji and well on its way to world domination!

So, last week, I let you in on Alaska and Hawaii’s Conspiracy to Bring Down the United States. This week, an astute colleague alerted me to another development in the story. Fiji-based Air Pacific has just entered into a codesharing deal with Alaska Airlines that will allow Air Pacific customers to book Alaska-operated flights between Vancouver and L.A. under an Air Pacific flight number.

A codesharing deal? What could possibly sound more underhanded and nefarious? Let’s see, where have we heard of codesharing before…oh, gee, I don’t know, maybe: Double agents who “share” code with evil organizations to bring the world to its knees! I’ve seen Quantum of Solace, I know how sneaky the underworld can get.

Alaska is obviously enlisting as many small island chains as possible to create a web of bases to surround and conquer the United States. With the addition of Fiji to the Alaska-Hawaii alliance, they have successfully created an Evil Barrier slicing the Pacific Ocean in half. And when the United States is under attack and they call for help from Japan, just what do you think will happen?

    United States: “Japan! Help! Alaska and its evil cohorts are invading our shores! Send reinforcements!”

    Japan: “We’d love to help, but we can’t get to you—someone has created an Evil Barrier!”

And one Evil Barrier will certainly lead to another until the U.S. is completely surrounded by a Loop of Iniquity and Malevolence. Friends, this Alaska situation is dire. Today’s airline deals could be tomorrow’s road to ruin! Which nation, territory, or even state will be the next to fall under Alaska’s wicked spell? Just hope that it’s not yours.


Alaska Airlines Adds Routes to Hawaii

Posted May 28, 2009 by Nicki Krawczyk

Alaska airlines Okay, get this: Alaska Airlines is adding service from Oakland, California to Kahului, Hawaii and Oakland and Kona beginning in November, plus expanding service between Seattle and Honolulu. Suspicious, wouldn’t you say? Alaska and Hawaii, two states who, heretofore, have never done much fraternizing are all of a sudden flying back and forth by way of California.

Coincidence? I think not. It’s blatant collusion. I propose to you: “Alaska and Hawaii’s Conspiracy to Gang Up on the Mainland” Fact: People in Alaska and Hawaii hate it when tourists go there and say things like “We’re from the U.S.” as if Alaskans and Hawaiians aren’t, too. Fact: Alaska and Hawaii were the last two states added to the union and, as such, missed out on historical moments like the launching of both fruit flies and mice into space as well as the invention of M&M's. Fact: Alaska and Hawaii are the farthest states away from Washington, D. C. and, as such, their representatives have to travel a really long time to get there and undoubtedly miss out on all kinds of congressional parties because of jet lag. Conclusion: Alaska and Hawaii are probably hopping mad and ready to take out their vengeance on the mainland.

And now, now, it appears that we've got all kinds of mingling and moving and perhaps even rampant skullduggery going on between Alaska and Hawaii by way of Alaska Airlines. There’s something big going on, people—I recommend you keep your eyes open and your mouths shut. Sure, this could end up being a nice little weekend getaways route for the people of California and a pleasant jaunt to paradise on a nice airline…until Alaska and Hawaii unleash their nefarious plans. You heard it here first. And you’ve been warned.

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