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Hilton Hotels Adds Eco-Roofs to Baltimore, Asheville Properties

Posted August 29, 2008 by Zak Patten

Solarpvarray Who says eco-travel has to mean wearing mosquito netting while avoiding quicksand in a Central American rainforest? Certainly not Hilton Hotels, which is about to have a pair of properties with greener roofs—and last time I checked, neither Asheville nor Baltimore is anywhere near Costa Rica.

What's most interesting about these two projects is that they achieve eco-positive status in two completely different ways. According to Green Lodging News, Asheville's new Hilton Hotel in Biltmore Park Town Square is focused on cutting emissions and fuel costs by installing a "large-scale solar water heating system" on its roof. The new system is expected to supply the 165-room hotel with over 2,000 gallons of hot water per day, and save an estimated $10,000 per year in energy costs, all while giving the hotel a much smaller carbon footprint. In doing so, the Hilton Asheville is set to become one of the first major hotel s in the country to use the sun's energy to heat its water. Combined with "an energy optimization program, the use of recycled, nontoxic and local materials, and the installation of Low-E materials throughout the entire hotel," the fancy solar roof may make this one of the greenest big hotels in the U.S.

The new $300 million, 757-room Hilton Baltimore is also going green, but instead of solar panels, the roofs on its east and west buildings will be home to a 32,000-square-foot garden. With six species and tens of thousands of plantsthis won't look like Grandma's backyard. As The Green Meeting notes, such roofs "are used to provide urban habitat to wildlife, reduce storm runoff, improve air and water quality, lower temperatures and boost aesthetics." So while you may not be able to take an environmentally friendly shower at the Hilton Baltimore, at least all those plants are a lot nicer to look at than a roof full of solar panels. Either way, it's nice to see Hilton blazing an eco-travel trail—without all the bugs.

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Hilton Hotels Have Michael Phelps Swim to Beijing

Posted August 21, 2008 by Nicki Krawczyk

Hilton_beijing_phelps3_2 At first glance, the "Hilton Swim to Beijing Relay" sounds like something the Hilton Hotel chain relied on heiress, celebutante and dubious pride-and-joy, Paris Hilton, to conjure up: With a whopping 6,250 miles in between Los Angeles and Beijing, let’s just say it was lucky for the other relay swimmers that this swim to Beijing was more metaphorical than literal.

Paddling in pools all across the United States, swimmers participated in the cause marketing event by contributing laps to reach a 6,250 total for each of those L.A.-to-Beijing miles. In return, Hilton Hotels & Resorts is donating upwards of $100,000 to swim education programs. Super. But even more impressive is their major marketing coup that undoubtedly cost the chain beaucoup: Michael Phelps was secured to begin and end the relay.

Phelps, the eight-gold-medal golden boy is officially worth more than his weight in gold when it comes to marketing contracts, so it will be interesting to see whether other major players in the ailing travel industry have gotten in on the Phelps Phenomenon. Hilton Hotels & Resorts, while oh so altruistically donating a nice chunk of change to nonprofits, has also reminded the world about the pools in its hotels. Ooo, pooooooools. Don’t you wish you had a pool? Well, you could—if you stayed in a Hilton.

Here’s another great marketing opp: The camera pans down the aisle of an airplane and finally settles on a contented face that seems familiar somehow. Why, it’s Michael Phelps. Phelps closes his Sports Illustrated magazine and looks to the camera. “My six-foot, four-inch height and freakishly large feet used to make air travel a pain. I’d be crammed into tiny seats and have to worry that leg cramps would affect my unparalleled swimming ability. But on AIRLINE X, they’ve got plenty of legroom—even enough for the best Olympic Athlete ever: me."

I’ll offer just a few more freebie ideas before signing off (people pay me for this stuff, you know): This time, the commercial opens on a big band in a glamorous ballroom. The camera pulls back to reveal women in sequin gowns and men in tuxedos dancing to the music or seated at bountifully laden dinner tables. The camera begins to narrow in on a table and we notice that this tuxedoed man is none other than Michael Phelps, wearing all eight of his Olympic gold medals! Phelps smiles and looks to the camera. “Hi, you probably already know me, but I’m Michael Phelps. Ever since I won my eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, I’ve had a hard time finding a place to wear all of them where I don’t feel overdressed. But here, in the CRUISELINE Y ballroom, I fit right in. Everyone and everything is dressed to the nines in swanky style—though no one can compete with my jewelry. Plus, this cruise line has an amazing buffet of fine gourmet foods. I recommend the glazed donuts because they’re small and round and shiny. Just like my eight gold medals."

That’s right folks, I’m giving these ideas away, but they’re really just the tip of the iceberg. What about a pirate/Olympics/Michael Phelps-themed seafood restaurant called Pieces of Eight? Luxury cruise speedboats being billed as “just as aerodynamic and hairless as Michael Phelps"? SeaWorld shows where Michael Phelps proves that he does the dolphin kick better than actual dolphins? Intriguing, no? Contact me to discuss my consultant rates on an hourly or project-by-project basis.

Also, Michael Phelps, I’m willing to work directly for you. Just think of the money you could be making—it’s the chance of a lifetime. Or should I say, it’s a golden opportunity? (Puns, Michael! All of these could be yours—and more! Call me!!)

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Sweet Sixteen Hilton Style!

Posted February 29, 2008 by Heather Gilbert

Partygirlscrop_3 OMG, I totally can NOT believe this!  My parents, who are usually beyond lame, have decided to throw me the coolest Sweet Sixteen party in Boston!

My BFFs and I are going to stay in the Presidential Suite at the Hilton, which is like, beyond fabulous and I’m sure when Paris Hilton had her Sweet Sixteen she totally stayed there too.  It’s that awesome. 

And as part of this package thingie they got, we totally get three hours of limo service in an ESCALADE to take me shopping with a personal shopper to pick out my outfit for my HUGE party at the Hilton!! 

Maybe I can even be on My Super Sweet 16!!!!  AHHHHH!!!

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