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Northwest Profiting off Misery and Sin?

Posted March 7, 2008 by

Escape_from_ny BookingBuddy is home to some big-time data geeks.  While digging through our proprietary data and correlating it with some external studies, we’ve discovered something very interesting: Northwest Airlines appears to be profiting off misery and sin!  More specifically, they’re profiting off of miserable people fleeing Detroit (not unlike Snake Pliskin fleeing the Big Apple in Escape from New York) for the temptations of Sin City, Las Vegas.

How did we come to this conclusion?

  1. Forbes recently released a nigh-indisputable study featuring a “Misery Index” indicating Detroit was America’s most miserable city;
  2. Detroit to Las Vegas is currently one of the most-searched routes in all of Booking Buddy land (number one in January 2008);
  3. The most recently released set of data from the US Department of Transportation, Office of Aviation Analysis, clearly states that Northwest is the biggest airline for this route with 46 percent market share.

Ergo, Northwest is profiting off misery and sin. 

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