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Dreams of In-Flight Manicures Dashed?

Posted April 11, 2008 by Heather Gilbert

Virginatlanticspaweb Admittedly, the chances of my inheriting a not-yet-discovered trust fund and trotting around the globe are slim-to-none.  It’s sad but true.  I have, however, thought that perhaps one day I would travel in Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class cabin and enjoy a lavish yet complimentary in-flight spa treatment by one of their trained “In-Flight Beauty Therapists.”  Perhaps I’d elect for a “Handsome Hands” manicure or a “Back in the Clouds” upper back massage en route to London.  What better way to rejuvenate at 30,000 feet? 

Alas, dear reader, these dreams might be dashed.  Virgin recently held a crisis meeting with all of its In-Flight Beauty Therapists to discuss the fate of these services.  And a source who has had the privilege of flying Upper Class to the U.K. alerted me to an email he received that said the airline is “reviewing the future” of in-flight beauty.

Why?  Apparently Sir Richard feels that expanded ground spa offerings at Virgin’s Clubhouse are much more valuable and appreciated services.  Sure, it’s great to get your hair blown out by a Bumble and bumble stylist whilst awaiting your transatlantic voyage, but it lacks the cachet of saying you had your nails done en route to your destination. En route!  That’s so much cooler!  And the bragging rights, don’t even start!   

Undoubtedly these cuts have more to do with rising fuel costs and the global credit crunch than passenger preferences.  Just another example of the airlines’ need to cut corners.  Unfortunately, I’d rather they cut cuticles. 

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