Who Are We, Anyway?

Zak Patten
Zak Patten grew up in Vermont's Green Mountains, where he was raised by wolves. Canis lupus is a roaming animal, and Zak developed a love of travel during his early days in the wild. As a part of the BookingBuddy Blog pack, Zak is always on the hunt for great stories, and has been known to howl joyfully when he finds one.

Carl Unger
Carl was born and raised in New Jersey, but lives in Boston and considers himself a full-blooded New Englander and Red Sox fan.  When he’s not skewering the crazy world of travel, he’s usually skewering other crazy worlds.  Like the world of professional bass fishing.  Does anyone actually watch that?

Kate Hamman
With the goal of uncovering the quirky and bizarre underbelly of North America, Kate Hamman has visited 48 states. Her current travel interests include food, wine, festivals, coffee, strange museums or attractions, and, of course, visiting the two random states she has yet to see: Alaska and Missouri.

Katie Blais
Katie hails from Templeton deep in the boonies of North Central Mass but now calls Arlington her home. When not writing nuggets about Cheap Travel Extravaganzas Katie can be found scouring the net for celebrity gossip, redecorating her house and shopping for bargains (travel and non travel alike) around Boston.

Nicki Krawczyk
Nicki was born in Miami but raised in Milwaukee, thereby crossing two cities off her List of Places to Visit that Start With an "M." She tries to offer up informative and interesting travel-related blogs, skewered by the shiny blade of absurdity.

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